4 things I have learned in my 4 years of parenting so far.

  • 1) Time goes too fast: It feels like one minute you are holding this sweet little baby that is dependant on you for everything. Before you realise it that little baby is smiling, crawling, pulling itself up and taking first steps. Then comes the first birthday, learning to run, talk and riding a bike, making their own friends and heading off to kindy. And needing you a little bit less every day.

          When the second one comes along time seems to be speeding up even more.                           Especially now that they have someone else to copy.

  • 2) Labour was the “easy” part: Ok so before you tell me your labour wasn’t easy let me explain. The babies do not come with a owners manual, they just don’t. It is a game of trial-and-error. No one knows what they are doing. It’s part of the joy and chaos of parenthood. What makes it even more interesting is, what worked last week isn’t necessarily going to work this week. And yes you guessed it, what “worked” with one child does not always work for the second.
  • 3) You can’t make a baby who isn’t tired sleep: or even who is tired but refuses to sleep. No amount of feeding, rocking, singing, shushing, pram pushing, baby wearing, dummy giving, or any of the other million things you are likely to try is going to work. I have had this happen to me heaps over the last 4 years. Neither of my kids are fond of sleeping, but at least with F it has started getting easier. His sister seems to be following in his footsteps so I should be able to have a full night’s sleep in another 3 years. I miss sleep.
  • 4) You will never be prepared for the love you  feel for your child: For me personally I can’t explain the moment I first laid eyes on both my kids. It’s indescribable. I did not think I could love my second as much as my first but somehow you just get all this extra love. Some days I can’t wait for bedtime, but then when they are in bed and you look at them your heart just swells up with love and pride. My son is at a stage now where there is a fair bit of “I love you to the sky and back a million, billion times” and “ you’re the best mama, I love you” It makes all those hard moments worth it. The baby is starting to give bit slobbery open mouth kisses, smiles and some cuddles. It is one of the best parts of parenting when the kids start showing some affection back to you.


What  have you learned in your parenting journey?