That used to be us


While my husband and son were biking with a friend I was walking in the forest with baby in her pram, enjoying the weather now that it finally stopped raining, when a young couple passed me on their mountain bikes.

As they passed and greeted me with their big energetic smiles I could not help but think “that used to be us”. My husband and I had 6 years together before we started a family, where we could up and get out into the forest any time we wanted.

And we did.

We used to be fit and energetic. We used to be just like this couple.

I felt a slight stab of jealousy towards these two and their care free appearance.

We have willingly traded it all for our children and even though it is great having kids and being able to do things with them I  miss being able to ride my bike with my husband.

For now we will have to wait for baby girl to get bigger so that she can go into the seat that attaches to our bikes and we can get out for family rides.

That will be a great new adventure.