When three became four


Six weeks ago baby girl joined our family and in this short time we have already had a few crazy moments. I knew parenting two kids would be different and have challenges but I wasn’t fully prepared for how crazy things could get.

On our first trip into town taking F to kindy hubby and I were so focused on getting everything ready for baby, who was 5 days old, that we completely forgot to pack little man’s kindy bag. We never even thought about it until we were halfway to town. Luckily we didn’t need a bag for him that day.  After getting home that night I made sure that I packed little man’s bag and put it in the car so we didn’t forget it again.

I had another crazy day when I took both kids to the hospital for an appointment for baby girl. We got to the children’s ward on time and because baby girl was only a week old the kind nurses put  the kids and I in a private room. While waiting for the Doctor F needed to use the bathroom. So I put baby girl in her push chair and went in search of a toilet. We eventually found a toilet, the room wasn’t big enough for the three of us so I used the pram to keep the door open so baby could still hear and see us.

She was upset and needed a feed so I was trying to rush F so we could get back to our room. Just as she was ramping up I realised F needed a change of undies so off I went to go get some out of our bag. I reach the room we were in and found that I had locked myself out. So after finding a nurse I can get to my bag only to hear little man (who has a loud voice as it is) shouting from the toilet down the hall “I am finished mama!!”. We made it back to the room before baby girl really got going!

After the toilet fiasco we were all hungry. I had brought some snacks with us as I didn’t know how long we would be at the hospital. I was trying to encourage F to use the lid of his lunch box as a plate which worked but after he had finished eating he tipped the lid and all the crumbs ended up on the white sheets which covered the table we were sitting on. We also managed to get crayon stains on the table while doing some colouring in.

While  we were still waiting for the Doctor to come I needed to use the bathroom. So I left both kids in the room  and ran down the hall to the toilet. Luckily there was a ladder in the room so I could prop the door open. I told little man to stay in the room with his sister while I was away. She  had just woken up and needed another feed! ‘

As I am in the bathroom I hear F running up and down the corridor, so I hurry back to the room. When I get there he had opened up his container with scroggin in and in the process had spilled it all over the floor. One of the nurses came in and as I was profusely apologizing for the mess she did her best to reassure me it was fine and started looking for a broom and bucket to clean it up. She could not find it. So I get down on my hands and knees to pick it up while trying to convince F not to eat it off the floor. By this stage A is most upset because no one has picked her up yet and she was getting really hungry.

During all of this the doctor finally walks in the door.

He took stock of this crazy situation and very kindly offered to pick baby up out of her push chair. She finally stopped crying as he was holding her and rocking her on his knee.

I was so embarrassed but he reassured me that all was fine and he understood as he had a very young baby too. I then also had to apologize for the mess we left on the table.

Despite my best efforts to appear in control and relaxed being out with two kids I was not. I was getting overwhelmed and could not wait for our appointment to finish so I could leave.

The thing I have learned though is that when situations like this happen to not loose my sense of humour and to remember that everyone goes through this at some stage when out with kids.

It has also made me aware to be kind to myself and other parents and to look for ways in which I can help them, instead of making them feel judged for having a rough day.

I am sure we will have some more crazy adventures as time goes on.  

Maybe I will even run into you and we can share a smile and knowing look. 

What adventures have you had while out with your children?



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