Mama I am a big boy now


Over the last few months we have been preparing our little man for the arrival of his little sister. Due in April. One part of the preparation involved moving him out of his room.

At first we thought that it would take a little bit of convincing that he needed to move. But to our (pleasant) surprise he took to this new arrangement quite well. I think the promise of a new room involving CARS and painting the purple wall green helped. FB_IMG_1422851365146

We took him to Bunnings and let him pick the green he wanted for his room. He also got to choose a mat which he can play with his cars on. On one side of the mat is a farm and the other has a city on it. (This mat has been pretty well used already).

Watching him get so excited about his new room has been great. The highlight for him was being able to help his dad paint the green wall. He did a pretty good job helping.

He could hardly wait for the paint to dry to move his bed into the room. I was feeling quite excited for him too. I was expecting to feel a little sad seeing him move out of the “baby room” but was surprised that I didn’t feel sad at all.

I could not wait to  start setting up the nursery which I had been itching to get my hands on. I was in full-on-nesting-mode!!!

I had a great time getting everything into the nursery. I wasn’t initially sure after having F if I wanted another baby and it took a fair while for me to decide to have another. But once all the decorations started coming out and I could make up the bassinet I was getting more and more excited about the new baby.


F loves playing in the nursery and will often spend time in there playing with his cars. He has up until now never once asked to go back to the room or said that it is his room. It is now just referred to as  “the baby’s room”. I am so proud of him for adjusting so well and can only hope it lasts and that he still feels like that once his sister is here.  It is exciting to see him growing up and going into this new phase of being a big brother.










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