Daily prompt :The Kindness of strangers



It had been a long day for my son and I. We got up early and had to take his daddy to the airport, for a business trip.

F always finds it  hard when his dad goes away.

We watched the airplane take off and disappear, and then he started to cry, “I want my daddy back!!” with big tears spilling down his face.

After a while F calmed down enough for us to leave the airport and get into the car to go and run some errands in town.

We then got invited to go around to his friends house for a play date. I knew my boy was tired but thought he would enjoy seeing his friends.

Going round to a friend’s house was the last thing we should have done. He  didn’t want to play. So we left and despite more tears he was asleep before I was even  out of the driveway. But I still needed to run into the supermarket.

I got him out of the car and carried him into the supermarket while he slept. Which is no easy feat as he usually wakes up, as soon as you take him out of his car seat.

I walked up and down isles in the supermarket getting all my things together and still F slept. I got to the checkout and couldn’t hold him and take things out of the trolley at the same time. I was still wondering how I am going to get my shopping out when, seeing me struggle the check out operator, came out of her area and unloaded my shopping. She even offered to get someone to help me take the groceries to the car.

I left the supermarket in tears!!!. Great full tears.

Now it may not seem like much to you. But let me tell you, if you’ve ever had a tired, cranky,sleeping toddler and someone helps you out, in any way it really makes your day.

I just hope that I will get an opportunity to make someone else’s day a little bit brighter too.


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