Jumping in puddles


photo (7)

Winter is upon us and it’s started to rain, that all-day-long-soft-rain, that leaves huge puddles of water everywhere. Yesterday we ventured to town  in the pouring rain.

 photo (3)

 We started off strolling  through the shops in the mall and eventually had to make our way out of the covered mall to get to the bank. All along the way there were big and small puddles and my boy loves puddles! He stomped  through, and jumped in them having a great time. The smile on his face was HUGE!

After we finished at the bank we ventured further through town and found more puddles. He even went so far as to go down an alley way to get to a really BIG puddle.

photo (4)

He jumped,stomped and danced through it until his little canvas shoes, socks and bottoms of his jeans were soaked through. I just watched him, with his infectious smile spreading to my face.

 photo (5)

You see as adults we always have places to go, things to do. I know I do. I always feel like I am in a constant rush to get things done on my to-do-list. But watching my boy, just jumping in puddles made me realize yet again that, I need to stop rushing and stressing myself so much and just enjoy life. Because if I don’t, I will miss the simple joy that comes from jumping in puddles.


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