I am a people pleaser. There I said it!  That is part of who I am. I will go out of my way to not upset people or to make amends before people get grumpy or angry with me. I do not like it when people get angry or grumpy with me.

I keep my mouth shut, emotions and thoughts deep inside, I don’t share them easily with anyone not even my husband. I have tried opening up but sometimes OK often I don’t even know the words I want to say or how to say them. That sounds a little crazy doesn’t it but that is honestly how it goes with me.

I want to be more open and speak my mind, and I have tried but I just sometimes can’t get over this invisible hurdle to actually do it. I promised myself when I turned 30 a few months ago that I would become more open and speak my mind but I have only done it once so far.

You see the other “thing” that trips me up is I am also way to concerned with what other people will think of me. Now I know that you shouldn’t go out of your way to annoy people and not do it in a malicious way. But just be who you are!

I am on a journey of self discovery. I am not sure if you ever “arrive” at a set destination in your journey. We all change so much during our lives and with the different things that goes on in our lives. Our experiences shape us but shouldn’t define us. That is just my opinion please feel free to disagree with me.

That is partly why I started this blog. To learn more about myself to become more honest and open with myself and others around me.

I hope you will join me on this journey and share your experiences with me.Image


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