Memorable moments


The first moment to remember for me is a very happy one. The day we found out we were expecting our boy. It was early in the morning and I made my way through blurry eyes to the bathroom. I had the days counted out on the calendar and hoped and prayed that this would be our month. I took the test and with baited breath awaited those two lines. They showed up instantly. To me it felt like an eternity. I was so excited I left the test in the bathroom. I could not yet share the news with my husband because we had visitors. So I waited till they left and then told him. I will never forget his response. He was so excited, quickly followed by “wow my legs just went numb”. It was the best 6 year wedding anniversary present we could have ever gotten.

My second moment to remember would have to be the birth of our boy. It was a stormy night and at 11 pm as I was getting out of my chair my waters broke. The contractions soon followed one on top of another like a wave. We called our midwife who suggested we make our way to the hospital as soon as possible. This baby was coming tonight. We rushed out the door. My husband had a broken foot. All I remember of the entire 20 minute trip to the hospital was me begging my husband to drive faster in the pouring rain and through the thunder oh and I wanted all the drugs I could have. It all happened so fast I had neither drugs nor the water birth I had planned. Finally we got to the hospital and not a moment too soon. 20 minutes after arriving I cradled my newborn in my arms. 6 pounds of pure perfection. We were in love from that very first surreal moment of laying eyes on him.

My thirdĀ moment to remember was our last holiday together as a childless couple. I had just finished studying and we were off on a 6 week holiday to America. Those 6 weeks will forever live in my memory as the we experienced a whole new level of being together and enjoying each others company. We visited new places had crazy, fun adventures and grew as individuals and as a couple. I learned that my husband always has my back and that I can in fact sleep in the bush with bears and other wild animals and survive. That and the stress from not wanting to meet any of those wild animals is the fastest way to loose some weight.


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