Mama where am I?


Anyone who has spent any time with little kids know they are full of questions. I am just beginning to find that out.

Our boy F who is 2 is full of questions. Seemingly constantly. I love that he is so inquisitive and observant, he doesn’t miss a thing.    Because of this we have given him a nickname: Hawk eyes.

You simply can’t sneak anything past him. For example the other day my husband W & F were walking in the garden when F spotted a plane overhead. He turned to his dad, asking where the plane’s noise was? W then explained to him that the plane was simply too far away for them to still be able to hear it’s noise despite being able to see it.

I was taken by surprise a couple of weeks ago while F & I were walking past the bookshelf in our hallway.  F noticed a photo of my husband & I that was taken on our honeymoon at Dreamworld where you dress up in olden day clothes. F looked at the photo & asked “mama where am I?” I told him that it was taken long before he was  born. He was not satisfied with that answer & simply asked again. So again I told him that he wasn’t growing in my tummy yet. That seemed to satisfy him & we moved on.

Since then he has noticed other photo’s of my husband & I around the house that do not include him. While playing together in the lounge last night he spotted a photo that was taken on a camping trip some years ago, again inquiring why he wasn’t in this photo either.  I told him again that it was taken before he was growing in my belly but he was growing in my heart.  He was not happy with my answer & made up his own story of where he was. Stating that he saw daddy with the light on his head & went to visit him. (We were wearing  headlamps hence the light on daddy’s head). I was impressed with his creativity of making up where he was, & that he feels somehow excluded because it was taken before we fell pregnant with him. How do you explain to a 2 year old that for the first 6 years of our marriage he simply didn’t exist.

What do you tell your kids when these kinds of questions come up?

I just hope I will have more creative answers for him when the bigger questions like “Where do babies come from?” gets asked.

Wish me luck.


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