My energizer bunny


You’ve probably seen us around. The mum looking frazzled with a young toddler by her side who seems to inhibit the energy of at least 20 other children in one small body. My little man is energetic,creative,talkative & just wants to explore. What do you think of us I wonder? Do you think oh I am glad it’s not me? Or I wish my child was that little again? Or even why can she not keep that ball of energy contained & quiet!!!

Well let me tell you, I try. I try really really hard to keep my little ball of energy “under control” when out. Stopping him from taking things off shelves, running away from me & out of your way. Let me also tell you I am exhausted half the time. I am not looking for sympathy because I do not believe there is anything wrong with my ball of energy! This is the way he was created & I LOVE HIM JUST THE WAY HE IS!!

I would however wish you would stop giving us the “stares & comments”. They are not helpful & only hurt. They hurt my mama heart deeply & severely. You see I want my ball of energy to grow up believing in himself. Believing that he is great just the way he is. That he would use his energy in productive ways & accomplish great things. Isn’t that what all parents want for their children? But your comments & remarks about his energy, he hears them & will one day understand more what they mean. I do not want him growing up thinking he is “bad” for being so energetic & wanting to explore. I do not want him to conform to your ideas of how children should be. Seen & not heard. Well sorry to say, you will probably always hear my boy before you see him.

I hear you say, yes but he needs to be respectful & helpful ect. I completely agree with you. I am teaching him those things daily as his mama.

Now I cannot say that we do not have great comments about him too! Because we do. If you are ever lucky enough to meet him you will see what a great little character he is. He is funny, his sense of humour is becoming more apparent as the days go by. He can deliver a great one liner without thinking about it. He is loving.(Sometimes a little too loving with his friends. In his mind there is nothing as loving as a hug around the neck for his friends.  Or wanting to hold their hands or sit on them. We are working on limits with affection.)

All I ask as his mama is that you look deeper before you make a judgement on his energy & enthusiasm.That you see him for the wonderful energizer bunny that he is.

Who knows he may have something to teach you.


One thought on “My energizer bunny

  1. petersentn

    Well said! I don’t have a toddler yet, but I’m sure I’ll go back and read these when I do…. : )

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